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Lottery Education For The Kiddies. 2005-09-26
Thirty years ago since Michigan�s state lottery, 1972, was introduced talk of casino building was in order. The first step resulted in the building of some, but since then a metropolis of casinos, and gambling sites have been made their ways all over the state. It seems the nothing is slowing down their either, the state could be renamed The Casino State.
State Lottery Commissioner Gary Peters is trying to put a Club Keno game into Detroit�s Metropolitan Airport bars and restaurants. This time gambling is for everyone including the kids. What Peter means by that is not for them to play, but that the money used in those games will sponsor public education. $645 million has already gone to state schools, since last year.
While not all gambling seems to go to state education, lottery is the big one that does. Casinos and gambling activities have helped other programs in the state, but lottery the father of them all is continuing to grow. It is still the most popular form of gambling in the state next to casino play.
(By Andrea)