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Kentucky is Talking Race Track Casinos 2005-09-25
The Kentucky General Assembly may not assemble until January, but they seem to know what may be on part of that agenda. Casinos are still an issue in the state, and Kentucky is on it. Though the question is if for or against it all.
Mainly the talk is not creating casinos to stand on their own, but more whether or not to combine state-licensed race tracks with casino play. Racinos may be the way to go, but state officials aren�t so sure. The tracks would get permits, which make them excited about the possibility.
Kentucky Downs in Simpson County would be able to operate slot machines and other casino-style games if the referendum is put on the ballot and approved. Three-fifths of the state Senate must support it to even be considered for the ballot. Kentucky allows betting on horses, bingo games and lottery sales, but casinos would be new for them.
Supporters of casino gambling claim it is better for the state to have casinos, so that citizens don�t go out of state to gamble. They also worry that Kentucky residents will loose lots of money out of state, thus making Kentucky loose big. By expanding gambling in the state, they believe that $400 to $450 million will be made in tax revenue, annually, to help state development.
Legislators have discussed the idea of introducing casino gambling the past six years, but didn�t have any support. January will tell the tale of whether or not casinos combined at the race tracks is a good idea. If so it will be a good start maybe making casinos, which will stand on their own.
(By Andrea)