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Video Gambling Machines Being Turned Off. 2005-09-25
In Indiana, video gambling machines could be found nearly anywhere in the neighborhood. They could be found at local bars and local VFW posts. This was all true up until Indiana started a crackdown on illegal gambling.
The crack down happened around four months ago. Since then 11 bars and clubs have been cited in this case. The more popular games in the area used to be Cherry Masters and Pot O'Gold.
Pinball rarely played, is the only machine that will be left for play. Some are unsure if that is different from any other game. While others see that quarter video games, that don�t require betting, are not considered gambling. This is why the police have not touched this.
The crack down has hurt the businesses, since people stopped coming in. They didn�t come to the bars just to drink, mostly to play. Indiana Excise Officer Lt. Ken Murphy stated it was against the law, a Class D felony, so it had to be done. Also people are loosing their paychecks in these machines, and there are tons of complaints by family members about this. Murphy says this crackdown is nothing new, so people shouldn�t be surprised.
(By Andrea)