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Crossing The Border To Gamble. 2005-09-22
In the Yunnan Province of China the local authorities arrested, and sentenced 17 Chinese citizens and one Vietnamese woman to jail terms for cross border gambling. China has been for sometimes trying to fix the issue of cross border gambling. They don�t allow it in their country, so they in the past weeks have taken stances to protect and clock the border from being crossed time and again for gambling.
They simply don�t want the social behavioral side effects of gambling in other countries into their own. They additionally don�t want the economic losses that will be found from this as well. Keep the money in China, and keep it clean, at least that�s what they think. These citizens were arrested as part of the largest cross-border gambling case China has made, and made public.
The Vietnamese apparently sold illegal lottery tickets in the Dehong and Baoshan areas of Yunnan along China's border with Vietnam. This meant they made more than 30 million Yuan or (US$3.7 million) in the past five years leading up to last December. This amount discovered was a major loss to Chinas budget.
Officers caught the Vietnamese woman and the 17 Chinese in Dehong last December. They officially sentenced the Vietnamese woman to two and a half years in prison and fined her 100,000 Yuan. The Chinese suspects were sentenced to terms ranging from nine months to one and a half years.
(By Andrea)