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Casino On Their Way To Bethlehem. 2005-09-21
The Bethlehem Pennsylvania�s City Council voted 4-3 against a plan to use zoning to ban gambling at the former Bethlehem Steel plant. This decision allows developers to seek licensing for a future slot machine parlor. While the plant will be preserve in history, there is a want to build the new casino around the site.
Developers have promised to preserve many of the historic Bethlehem Steel buildings as they can. In addition to building a slots casino, they are looking to build a shopping mall hotel, among tourist attraction sites.
Opponents of gambling said that bringing in casinos to the area, no matter where believe that it would bring crime and too much traffic. Councilman Robert Donchez, considered the swing vote, and went against the ban. He believes that is because the developers agreed to several conditions, including using the union labor for construction work.
In addition to Donchez, council members Jean Belinski, Michael Schweder and Magdalena Szabo voted against the gambling ban. Gordon Mowrer, Joseph Leeson Jr. and Ismael Arcelay voted for the ban. The vote was tight, but casinos will come to Bethlehem.
(By Andrea)