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Top Gaming Execs Show Support for Immigrant Workers 2006-04-30
The gaming industry is under threat from pending immigration reform legislation with the threat of a boycott on Monday getting the attention of top Las Vegas gaming executives.
Some of the Strip's top brass met last week to discuss new policies to show support for their immigrant employees, while getting them to continue coming to work. The major casinos on the Strip are stepping in and reminding employees that their services are needed to keep the casino industry running every day and night.
One immigrant who came from Mexico twenty years ago is Andrew Pascal Santos Farias, who is the current President of Wynn Las Vegas, has been working on the Strip since coming to the country. Farias reportedly commented that he feels good about the level of support shown by the major gaming players, who are coming together to encourage immigration reform.
Farias said that there is a great importance for workers to come to work as a show of support for their company, as the company is supporting them. He was reported to be confident that all the workers would show up for work.
As more than half of all the workers in Las Vegas casinos are of Hispanic descent, Wynn Las Vegas was the first to sign a petition that will circulate at a number of casinos. In addition, a rally will be held on Monday, supporting immigration reform.
(By Ela)