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Overseas Gambling Stopped in China 2005-09-15
The Ministry of Public Security in China is stepping in to protect their citizens from crossing the border. This came mainly because of the issue that citizens are crossing boarders into other countries in order to gamble
To do so the ministry is ordering local public security departments not to issue tourist exit permits. This was issued because overseas gambling dens have reopened, trying to bring in Chinese citizens to come to gamble. So they tried to make security tighter.
In addition, those responsible for organizing Chinese citizens to go overseas for gambling play will be punished according to Chinese law. The ministry said they will work together with related departments to make this possible. This is not just for gambling, but also in regards to pornography.
Chinese employees that have worked at these overseas gambling houses will be prohibited from leaving China for the next one to five years, as part of their punishment. At the same time, officials who neglect their duties will be investigated. They will be punished also according to the law.
(By Andrea)