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Burma Police Serve and Bribe 2005-09-15
In Burma, local authorities from the Bogale Township in the delta region of Irrawaddy Division have been caught taking bribes. They supposedly have been taking the bribes from major gambling organizations to let them open gambling centers. At the same time they were showing others that they were doing their jobs, when they arrested small time gamblers and companies.
The Chairman of Township Authority, Win Myint, along with Police Chief, Tin Htut have been warning citizens not to get involved in gambling. They were the men telling these small time gamblers and companies what not to do, but at the same time, they were giving other advice to the big sharks. They informed the big companies to leave when they would come in to raid them. They would just arrest small named people in these events.
Gamblers were even encouraged to participate in illegal lotteries and bet on international sport games. Then, those who are found with gambling vouchers in their hand were apprehended. They were told they would only be released when they would pay bribes to the police.
Burma has a single state-run lottery, but it seems not to be enough. Many people including civil servants, women, and even monks are taking part in illegal gambling. They say because of the economic and political situation in the country. They are try to have fun, as well as break boundaries politically, and monetarily wise.
(By Andrea)