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Super Casino Coming To A Muslim Neighborhood Near Birmingham. 2005-09-13
In Birmingham England all has seemed fine and dandy until the idea of a super casino coming soon came up. Many oppose casinos in general, but no one as much as the Muslim population. They have made their opposition clear, and that has bothered lawmakers.
Lawmakers are urging them to drop their opposition in return for a promise of city growth. This, they say, will be a growth not seen in the inner city before. City council leaders are additionally trying to gain support from everyone involved.
Ken Hardeman, Cabinet Regeneration Member, has recently met city, and Islamic leaders in their territories of Bordesley Green, Sparkbrook and Small Heath, where other casinos are hoped to be built. Other city leaders said it is not the city that is the problem, but the fact the casino would be in their territories, and Islamic faith bans gambling. May not be an Islamic country, but is a Muslim neighborhood.
It is the belief of the local government that a regional casino will bring jobs to the poor area. Councilmen say citizens should think of that above religion. Money to the area will greatly improve the quality of living.
Yet, it is still the beliefs of the Muslims that are forgotten. In the need to build up touristic interest to the city of Birmingham and its counties, it is the needs of the citizens which should be handled first. The citizens have also claimed they believe the city will be more deprived by the casinos and the crime, and drugs. In a city already deprived, citizens, Muslim or otherwise don�t find this a positive start.
(By Andrea)