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Burning Down The Tattle Tales House. 2005-09-13
Long Island's neighbors lost their businesses when they complained about alleged illegal activity nearby. In return, these businesses were burned to the ground. Joseph Dompkowski, Nassau County Assistant D.A said the fire occurred at 4:30 am, and all the people in the building were evacuated to safety.
The police went undercover to investigate the crime after the fire, and found that the bar next door had illegal activities on site, including gambling. Police were suspicious it might be the bar, because there were the feuds, and complaints against them, by businesses nearby. It started after a card shop owner informed the police that a bar nearby had many loud strange occurrences happening. Sometimes this meant fights, and broken windows.
Eyewitness News�s own Lauren Defranco reported that in fact illegal activities were occurring, after police started investigating the business further for setting fire to the card shop owner�s shop. Police are looking for two suspects caught on a surveillance tape for the arson attack on Roseanne's Card Galore, a stationery store in New Hyde Park.
Police discovered that there were drug sales, as well as gambling which gave the bar $1.2 million. Five people were arrested, including the owner, charged with gambling, among other charges. Police are still looking for the faces on the camera in the arson attack.
(By Andrea)