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Court Hears Testimony From Casino Businessman. 2005-09-12
In New Delhi, a Patparganj businessman was taken to the Mehrauli Police Station, his charge an assumption of running gambling from his home. The police, supposedly, entered the man�s home, and was beaten up by them. Ramesh Pandya was this man, so his wife took action, and took the case to court.
Pandya�s wife filed for a Habeas Corpus petition in the Delhi High Court. They hope to approach the NHRC, since the man�s arm was fractured in the case. Pandya said four policemen entered his home around 1.30 am on August 27, took him to the Mehrauli police station, and accused him of running gaming machines from the home.
Instead of catching the operator of the machines, Pandya said he was taken in. He was not part of running gambling. Pandya claimed he was only a supplier for operators. Nonetheless, the police put him in jail for the night and as he claimed tried to get money from him.
Pandya�s wife filed a petition seeking her husband�s release, as well as action to take place against the police. The police said their tip off was that the machines would be sold in Aya Nagar. The police said they got this information from an employee of the shop, naming Pandya the owner of the shop. The police additionally deny that Pandya was beaten up by them.
(By Andrea)