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Gambling Operator Sentenced in Federal Court. 2005-09-12
The sentencing took place in a federal court last week of David Ricky Godwin of Kenly. He was accused of running a gambling operation, as well as laundering money. The General Assembly hopes to ban gambling, including video poker.
Godwin, 57, owned the second largest video poker in the state. Prosecutors said he made around $16 million over four years in the Wake and Johnston counties. All this was accomplished with the usage of poker machines. Police say Godwin persuaded stores, and bars each $5,000, for their participation.
He got into trouble after it was discovered that he was depositing the money in bank accounts. He told prosecutors that he bribed public officials for protection of his business. It was only now that he agreed to cooperate with investigators, though over two years he avoided, and tried to disrupt the query.
A federal judge finally sentenced him to seven years in prison. Ricky Jr., was only given probation. The case is now concluded.
State lawmakers have been trying to outlaw the machines for sometime now, and continue their stance. A ban was established in South Carolina after lawmakers were angry at the way the industry was hurting their society. House Speaker, Jim Black has said that banning video poker would hurt workers from having jobs. Despite that the state should do more to try to get rid of it altogether, there wouldn�t be any more problems.
(By Andrea)