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Table Games Not Gambling? 2005-09-12
West Virginia�s governor announced that he will not involve the issue of table games on the Special Session agenda. The agenda is hurting out of state interests, who are against gambling. Across the country gambling is expanding rapidly this is why Rev. Dennis Sparks with the West Virginia Council of Churches says a special session is to discuss this is vital. Only recently it was decided that table games would not be part of the discussion.
The last time a special session was made on this issue, video lottery machines were used as the way to pay for new programs. Only the politicians can find answers, as opposed to others using temporary solutions to citizen issues. Though Sparks says no sort of gambling can do any good, or be better than any other form of gambling. He also believes the state should not be dependant on this type of revenue.
Tom Grey, the Executive Director of the National Coalition against Gambling Expansion says he hopes that other states will soon figure this out. West Virginia will hope to be an example on how this can be done, but not at the moment. At the moment the issues of gambling should include all forms, and not selected forms.
(By Andrea)