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Gambling Has Stand Still Reforms in BC. 2005-09-11
Gambling is huge in British Columbia, despite the government's pledge to regulate the expansion of it. Four years ago that was what was being said; today that is not the case. In 2003, a study was made and showed that 2/3 of the area wager less than $10 each month. The study also stated the young and poor both fall in this pattern.
B.C.'s Solicitor-General John Les says expansion games would add an extra $20 million a year, and should be done. This would make the profits around $728 million, in comparison from last year. If more video games would come into play, then they would be put into liquor stores.
Some argue against that, but research shows that 30% of problem gamblers drink and play. Drug usages is different, it is mainly used among non-gamblers, in fact by double. Gambling is a source of income, and politicians know that. This is precisely governments seem to be in support of it, even minor forms of gambling such as lotto.
(By Andrea)