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August Not A Good Month For Online Casinos. 2005-09-08
Shareholders for a major online casino lost out, when the gambling shares fell more than 30%. Although there is a boom in online gaming, some sites canít keep up with the competition. There are some rises, and others drops.
July saw the rise of some new sites, which rose over 60% of the online poker market. The following month drop is just business, nothing personal. Some have reached that initial high, and then drop. In this case it happened, but doesnít mean the one company, or its shares will remain low.
Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, a financial adviser to the online casino, believes that annual revenues will be about $1.4bn (£760m) from online poker in their possible rise to $5.9bn by 2008. Christiansen Capital Advisors, a US-based company, believes that the global online betting market will take nearly $10bn in wagers this year, around half from American sites, and public. However, 45%of online gambling revenues come from American players, despite the legal disputes on this subject.
(By Andrea)