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Phone Card Endorsed By Gambling Company. 2005-09-07
In Raleigh, North Carolina, the State Court of Appeals made another decision when it came to gambling one again. Of course this time it came within advertising on the simplest item, a phone card. They argued about it over sometime, and decided that promotions on the simplest things, like a telephone card are not considered illegal. Long-distance cards that include promotional game pieces are not part of illegal gambling, and should continue to be distributed.
State alcohol agents disagreed and claimed the sale of the telephone cards led to gambling, as the promotion tried to do. North Carolina is in the state of trying to decide what is legal and illegal when it comes to gambling. Other states, when gambling is illegal, so it�s the promotions of it too.
The court decision was upheld by a lower court judge who ruled against the state in February 2004. This time, telephone cards will continue to be distributed with the icons on it. The state will have to decide their future, but for now this case is settled.
(By Andrea)