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Casino Reconstruction Problematic In Miss. 2005-09-06
Mississippi's Gulf coast since Hurricane Katrina has been in ruins. It was once filled with casinos, tourism, and entertainment, now is in utter ruins. There are floods everywhere; restorations are expected to take a long time to finish. Many fear that the Gulf Coast casino industry will also suffer from this.
Mississippi Gaming Commission (MGC), are hopeful casinos won't have a problem afterwards. At the same time, they are not sure gaming companies will want to rebuild the casinos. All 13 casinos were closed previous to the hit, and nearly all were destroyed completely afterwards.
If gaming companies do not rebuild casinos in Miss. thousands of jobs will be lost, as well as billions of dollars in gaming revenues and taxes. The main obstacle is trying to obtain authorization to rebuild the casinos on land and not water. If authorization isn�t granted, insurance companies may not want to insure rebuilding. Most casinos were floating ones, meaning on water.
(By Andrea)