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Gambling Problems Discovered in Test Survey. 2005-09-05
Gambling Helpline and CWA New Media have now developed a system which will measure a players gambling habit level. It will be an online tool, where a series of questions will be asked, and the player will then have to answer them. Some of the questions will be surround people's gambling habits. Through this there will be reports sent back and examined to figure out the players risk level.
Visitors, after the assessment, can save it, and return to the website to retake the test. While strange sounding, allows the players to compare their results. This is not for a better score or to cheat the system, but more so to see if they may have a problem that could worsen over time.
Gambling Helpline Chief Executive, Krista Ferguson says there is a trend toward using this for health reasons. Here players will be able to use this for other things. The tool is anonymous, until a player makes contact and admits to their problems. Maybe later they can be used in the casinos too, to ban or limit problem gamblers.
(By Andrea)