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WTO Has Problems of Online Gambling. 2005-08-23
In a final settlement, the US was granted a "reasonable period of time" for Washington to adapt its legislation. The legislation in question has been based around online gambling. The ruling, which was issued last April, came after Caribbean state of Antigua and Barbuda brought the US before the 148-nation World Trade Organization (WTO).
The United States has publicized its objective to fulfill the WTO conclusions. Neena Moorjani, a spokeswoman for the US Trade Representative made this matter clear in a speech she gave. In order to execute the findings, more emphasis concerning Internet gambling on horseracing needs to be resolved. Other Internet laws will still be in place regardless of the final results.
Antigua began the complaint in March 2003, stating that US prohibitions were harming online gaming. These online gaming restrictions hurt them as they were trying to reduce their economic reliance on tourism. Tourism is the number one form of economic strength in the Caribbean state of Antigua and Barbuda.
Antigua�s population runs about 68,000 people on the island. It has been a center for offshore Internet gaming operations in recent years attracting large numbers of US residents. The residents enjoy this virtual casino because of their games and betting services.
US officials still attain that Internet gambling is illegal if the activity occurs on US soil. So strong about this statement, US officials have vowed to indict those involved with the strongest hand of the law. Some states do no, however, find this practice illegal.
In its ruling, the WTO accepted what was legal to whom, and in which state. However, the appeals panel ruled that the United States had not been able to show that US laws on horseracing applied impartially. This was found non-applicable both domestically and across the seas, unfortunately the top provision of global trade rules.
Antigua has said that it expects changes in US rules, so that advertising can be done freely. If not, Antigua will face legal potentials too. It is not Antigua�s goal for these greater problems. The whole argument then and today is to make online gambling legal in all realms all over the United States.
(By Andrea)