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Gambling Ring of Fire Found in Shea 2005-08-21
Four men pleaded guilty in case surrounding a gambling enterprise. The hearing took place in Queens, where testimony was heard from all sides. The assailants are accused of being part of a gambling ring that may have reached inside Shea Stadium.
Prosecutors are saying the enterprise made $360 million, in bets throughout two years. The enterprise also seemed to have connections to the Bonanno crime family. The men admitted to the felonies around the Shea Stadium.
The men were among nine defendants, including a former Shea groundskeeper who admitted taking phone bets. Mets players seemed to not be connected to this arrangement. These men have their own secret on how the operation went, but no one seems to be talking about that.
Three of the men came from New York and one came from Pennsylvania pleaded guilty to charges of fraudulent activity. Authorities say the men face punishments ranging from a year to six years in prison.
(By Andrea)