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Next President To Be Voted On. 2005-08-21
A local sports book believes that bettors are already getting into the voting spirt. Sometime away, but already people have their bets on the next president. Many believe this administration will continue in the same direction. Vice President Cheney is the favorite, as the next American President.
Vice President Dick Cheney seems likely to be the winner of the presidential race in 2008. Odds on Cheney have improved from 100-1, since in May, to odds of 20-1 currently. This comes in wake of the discussion of nominees for the 2008 campaign.
Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward also believes Cheney in office is likely. The Vice President is seen as the mastermind behind many of the administration's major policies. He is not the only one with odds up though.
Hillary Clinton is the betting favorite for the Democrats. Odds on Ms. Senator have increased from 6-1 to 7-2. This is only next to Barack Obama, Illinois Senator of the Democratic Party; he is at a 70-1 favorite from an opening odd of 30-1. Yet even Cheney has Republicans chasing his tail.
New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani remains the Republican top favorite with 10-1 odds. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has gone from 15-1 to 25-1 odds. Wagering just happens to change with the times in American politics.
Adding to the amusement, less likely presidential candidates are also up for bids. People in the public eye such as, film director Michael Moore to conservative news person Bill O'Reilly and California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, also have odds on them. Long shots are also high paying shots.
(By Andrea)