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Sedgwick County Having Issues of Casinos. 2005-08-18
Sedgwick County is not planning on expanding anytime soon. It seems neither will their residents either, when it comes to the vote. The Sedgwick County Commission deferred the issue indefinitely.
This came about after nine local legislators, led by Rep. Brenda Landwehr, R-Wichita, opposed a county-wide advisory election. In early August two legislators - Rep. Nile Dilemore, D-Wichita, and Rep. Todd Novascone, R-Wichita - had asked the county commissioners for a referendum. They were hoping to plan a referendum for the issue. They have argued that the previous legislative efforts have failed, and they need something new. They need to at least let the residents choose if they want casinos in the area. Previously it was because of the state leaders that plans were made or diverted on this subject.
Other legislators told the commissioners that residents could vote on a local casino next year. If the state decides to allow expanding gambling, they will allow for the vote. An advisory election would cost the county $125,000 to $160, 000, so chances of a vote are not in the immediate future.
(By Andrea)