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Jesus Likes Polish Food. 2005-08-17
An Internet casino known for its collection of oddball items has recently paid $1,775 for a pirogi in the image of Jesus. This piece was acquired Monday throughout an auction made through eBay. Donna Lee, the owner of the pirogi, found it while she was cooking Easter dinner.
She said she saw the Jesus face while she was cooking the Polish dish at her home in Point Place, a suburb of Toronto on Lake Erie. Since then, Ms Lee put the item in the freezer, and has kept it ever since. Now the piece is part of the online bidding market.
Drew Black, a marketing spokesman for the internet casino said that recently they have found an interest in religious items, and are willing to pay big money for it. Some of these religious items have included a 10-year-old�s partially eaten cheese sandwich thought to contain the image of the Virgin Mary, and a pretzel shaped like the Virgin Mary holding a baby Jesus. In addition, this is the same casino that brought a pregnancy test that allegedly belonged to Ms. Britney Spears. Black said the pirogi will join a traveling museum that the online casino is creating for these oddities.
(By Andrea)