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Underage Gambling is High in Indiana. 2005-08-16
The minimum age for even entering any Indiana Riverboat Casinos may be 21, but studies show that around 3% of high school ages students are saying all aboard. The Indiana Prevention Resource Center at Indiana University released an annual survey, showing that high school students visit casinos often, with 4.4% of seniors testifying that they have visited a casino at least once and, more than 1% testify they are regulars.
The survey doesn�t go on to detail where they gamble or if even if it is one Indiana riverboat casinos, or casinos in other states, or at charity events where gambling prevalent. The survey leaves some skeptics because of the percentage; many can�t believe that so many would slip through the crack, what would that say of those responsible? Therefore, some believe that they could have visited alternative types of casinos, such as church casino nights, and not state riverboat casinos.
Gambling research was introduced to the survey, over the past few years. Until the latest report, they survey has measured tobacco, drug and alcohol use among minors. Now that gambling is hot in Indiana, researchers felt it was important to study the effects over the youth too.
The impact of compulsive gambling has been high, even among teens. 5% of teens felt guilty about the amount of money they have spent, and 2% wanted to quit, but didn�t know how. The survey to some is unreasonable because adults and children behave, and answer questions differently. However, some would be wise to at least try to take this serious with a grain of salt, because minor gambling, would be a major fall.
(By Andrea)