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Ohio Has a Problem With Out Of State Owned Casino. 2005-08-16
Two Ohio state senators are now in the opposition fight surrounding the development of casinos in Ohio. These politicians are George Voinovich, R-Cleveland, and Mike DeWine, R-Cedarville, and now are going to Washington to stop it. They are supporting congressional efforts in Washington to stop the Eastern Band of Shawnee from launching casinos in Massillon, or any where else in Ohio. Both Ohio politicians have given official support for legislation that could ban Ohio tribal gaming.
Voinovich stands strong on his position, and is very vocal about it too. Gaming and has lodged accusations at the Oklahoma-based Shawnee, claiming that the tribe blackmailed the state of Ohio, for the green light to do this. Shawnee Chief Charles D. Enyart has denied that any of these claims are true.
The Shawnee tribe has traveled around the cities of the state of Ohio to try to make an appeal. Massillon just happens to be one of the places where they wish to build a casino. Other sites in which Shawnee wishes to construct casinos have not been publicized. No tribe has been able to open casinos outside of their home states. The Shawnee tribe, which is based in Oklahoma, is still trying to continue to manage to build their own casinos in Ohio. If the politicians have anything to say about that, it won�t happen.
(By Andrea)