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European Union Countries Face Legal Action over International Gambling 2006-04-05
The European Commission today announced that legal action would ensue against several European Union countries that have been blocking foreign companies from entering domestic gambling industries.
The countries under fire are Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Finland and Denmark, accused of preventing cross-border competition in EU sports gambling.
According to Internal Market and Services Commissioner, Charlie McCreevy, the gambling sector is sensitive; however the EU Commission is under obligation to uphold the treaties, ensuring the legislation of member states is fully compatible with current EU law.
The investigation was initiated in response to complaints from several gambling service operators concerned with the restrictions on the provision of services related to sports wagering.
In several countries, sports betting operators are required to obtain a state license or concession, regardless of legal licenses or concessions held by the provider in other EU member states.
The countries in question will be requires to answer all claims, and if the commission is not content with the situation, or if no changes are made, legal action will ensue before the European Court of Justice, however the commission is confident that court action can be avoided.
According to the European Court of Justice, member states cannot restrict its citizens from accessing gambling services if at the same time citizens are encourages to play state lotteries or other games of chance in order to increase state finances.
(By Ela)