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Addicts and Underage Gamers are Being Taken Care of Now. 2005-08-11
eCommerce and Online Gaming, Regulation and Assurance (ECOGRA) have commenced a new campaign. The new campaign will deal with the mounting dilemma of minors gambling and also the general problem of gambling in online casinos. It will apparently begin with the organizations fifty casino, and gambling sites.
They will also be working with these sites to apply new rules to deal with illegal betting by minors. The new rules are underway, and no one is quite sure what they will be to combat minors from gambling. The most obvious start will be using an ID verification system.
All contributing websites will include a responsible gaming section, which will offer warnings and advice to cut this problem short. The measures will include limiting devices and upping there staff to monitor activities in order to spot possible gambling addicts. The section also provides links for support gambling problems. These new rules will also deter sites from marketing to these crowds.
Andrew Beveridge, CEO at ECOGRA believes that it is morally wrong to bring in players under these circumstances. They are trying their best to solve the problem, little by little. It starts with the advertising, and the updating of websites for better play for the right people.
(By Andrea)