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Survey Says Arroyo May Be Guilty. 2005-08-10
According to a survey, 8 in 10 Filipinos believe that some members of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's family are involved in and benefit from jueteng operations. The July 2 to 14 survey of Pulse Asia showed this fact. It seems that her own people do not believe her.
The survey, which had 1,200 people participating in it showed that 81% of the Filipino public believe that the allegation of the jueteng involvement among some of Arroyo's family members. Only 16% believe the other is true in this case. The figure is 3% points more than the 78 % of believers found in June.
Most of the believers come from Metro Manila and Mindanao 87%, followed by Luzon 84%. Only 62% from the Visayas, where Arroyo had the MOST SUPPORT, now believe the accusations.71%believe the allegations to be true, a 7% increase from the 64% in June. 54%of Filipinos believe that the legalization of jueteng would only make things worse for the country in the whole.
(By Sammy)