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Powerball Destroys State Lottery. 2005-08-09
Hoosier Lottery has had some issues recently with sinking profits or employees revealing the location of a previous winning ticket. The new head of a certain governmental agency is focusing on trying to run things differently. It is their duty to make things fair for the players, and they haven�t as of late.
The biggest problem came from staff cuts. These staff cuts included a statistician, and a director of administration. The prize payment had savings of $500,000.
Last year, the lottery returned $199 million to the state. That amount is expected to drop to about $190 million. Since things are dropping, things are not looking good for the economy of the state.
Maybe all of this is a loss to low powerball payouts. On the other side of things, jackpots for the multi-state lottery drawings are high. Hoosiers buy tickets only for the lotto, and not for powerball, it�s just an addition to the games. When powerball is down, it is not purchased at all. It seems that Hoosier Lottery hasn�t yet understood what can be good for the state, through the games chosen by its citizens.
(By Andrea)