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Las Vegas Wins the 2007 Hosting Race. 2005-08-08
It was announced last week in a press conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center that Las Vegas will host the 2007 NBA All-Star game. The National Basketball Association (NBA) Commissioner David Stern announced that Las Vegas would also host the festivities surrounding this during the weeklong play. The decision comes after much controversy over whether Las Vegas, a non-NBA franchised city, could host the games.
Las Vegas promoters were crossing their fingers the last few weeks in wake of the decision. Speculation said that this may happen, but promoters were slightly unsure. Now it seems that this will be the first time the All- Star game will be played in a city that does not have a team.
The game will be planned to take place at the Thomas & Mack Center, in February 2007, the All-Star week. Stern believes that the game in Las Vegas will be great because it will merge the sport in the most happening place in the world. Stern, and other basketball team owners are pleased with the choice, despite the politics around it.
Las Vegas has been trying for sometime now to make their own sports teams, and have kissed up to the NBA for this opportunity. While the NBA is one of the sport franchises not sure on whether to not Las Vegas is ready for a team, the tournament there will certainly help the popularity. Las Vegas hopes that at least after the event Las Vegas will get more recognition, and maybe soon get its own team. At least for Stern, he may have softened his position, but he is not yet ready to put a team in a city, which is recognized for legalized sports betting, and he is not the only sports franchise that feels this way. Las Vegas hopes the game will show the world that Vegas is capable of having a team, despite backlash from franchise owners. It will start here with a game in the city, which few believed would host this event.
The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority last month presented a $4.5 million offer for the game to take place in their city. This would include site fees, tickets and other expenses, to the NBA headquarters in New York. Las Vegas is expected to bring in $27 million in revenue to the city, through game related events, and no-gaming.
At the game, there will be a three-point shootout and dunk contest at the Thomas & Mack Center, and a Jam Session and interactive fan festival at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Then again, Las Vegas has some time to plan the event, it isn�t until 2007. All this has already been planned with 30 suites, used to entertain team owners and other VIPs, inside the Thomas & Mack Center. Tenants reportedly accepted either $500 or one lower-level ticket for each All-Star event. Whatever the excitement, the NBA has this year to consider in Houston.
Houston will play host to next season's All-Star Game in the mid-season game. All seems to be in order there. Houston has the Houston Rockets as their NBA city team. Despite the upcoming game, Las Vegas win is the most talked about thing in the NBA right now.
Las Vegas was up against Memphis, Tenn. for the 2007 event spot, but they beat it out. Stern seems to be in the business of planning, and making arrangements years in advance. He is reportedly considering Paris for 2008 or 2009.
Each NBA All- Star game is expected to be seen in around 200 countries. It is a highly popular sport, and the All- Star game is just as popular. These game events can be seen in the US on the ESPN and TNT channels.
(By Andrea)