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Card Counter Counters Suit. 2005-08-03
The Missouri Gaming Commission is now investigating a blackjack player's complaint against a casino accusing him of counting cards. The casino closed the player�s comp after pit bosses accused him of cheating. Thus scene occurred at Harrah's North Kansas City Casino and Hotel.
If the allegation is supported then it will be a first in Missouri, Commission Enforcement Chief Steve Johnson claimed. Casinos in the past often miscalculated these issues before, but they were minor, and were settled in a minor fashion too. The casinos tend to settle those to the advantage of the player, giving them sorry goodies, and offers for free meals.
This is a first that a casino has been accused of using player points as a punishment against card counters. It doesn�t however look like the casino is willing to say they made a mistake, because this time, they don�t believe they have. The player doesn�t want that kind of attention, and has been asked not to be identified.
It is not just the media attention the player is worried about, but also that other casinos wouldn't see him as a counter, and be suspicious of him. Whether guilty to not, he wouldn�t want to give up his pleasure though this type of circumstances. The man ahs already claimed to have appealed to casino officials several times before filing his counter complaint.
(By Andrea)