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New Technology Set to Revolutionize Casino Betting 2006-03-22
Selected casinos throughout the United Stated may soon feature newly-developed "betting kiosks" which will enable guests to place sports bets from various locations throughout the casino resorts.
The new technology, developed by UBA Technology Inc. will allow peer-to-peer betting exchange, in self-operating, free-standing kiosks in traditional land-based casinos across the US.
UBA announced this week that they have delivered a fully functioning system from which the casinos will be able to offer real time sports betting in an integrated kiosk system. Representatives from the company are very excited about this new opening into the very lucrative casino market, and pleased with the coming product launch.
The kiosks will be situated in areas of the casinos that receive high volumes of customer traffic and can potentially include a wireless device system that would allow casino patrons to place sports bets from the hotel's restaurants and bars as well as their hotel rooms and even while lounging by the pool.
The technology will take advantage of the high speed broadband and wireless services available worldwide, making a great marketing platform for UBA to enable online casino companies to take advantage of the system and generate higher revenue.
(By Ela)