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Las Vegas Casino Pays Their Fine. 2005-07-31
A Las Vegas strip casino has now paid their fine for the violation of gaming regulations. The Nevada Gaming Commission approved the settlement in a complaint filed against the Mandalay Bay Resort, last month, on money laundering. They accepted the settlement through an attorney general's office on behalf of the State Gaming Control Board.
MGM Mirage, owners of the resort, agreed to pay $25,000, minimum fee by the state, to settle the incident that occurred in March. Officials confessed to the allegations stated in a one-count complaint signed by Gaming Control Board members on July 15. The complaint was about front money deposit scandals.
According to the complaint, A Gaming Control Board audit agent made a front-money deposit of $4,600 in the main casino on March 4. The deposit consisted of $20 bills and 13 $100 bills, the complaint said. When the agent returned March 7 to withdrawal it all, the deposit, he was given 46 $100 bills.
The action was part of standard Regulation 6A audit. Under these state regulations, casinos are required to return the same currency when holding a deposit. If not it is considered stealing.
MGM Mirage, which acquired Mandalay Bay in a deal that closed in April, did not dispute the issue, and just paid the fee. It was better than going to court, and having an investigation on their hands. Instead they have admitted their guilt, and now are moving on with better standards, so this doesn't happen again.
(By Sammy)