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Las Vegas Contender for the NBA All Star Weekend 2007. 2005-07-31
Las Vegas may be set to host the All-Star Weekend sponsored by the National Basketball Association's in February 2007. This was announced through multiple sources, on Thursday. These sources told the Review-Journal of the plans.
Representatives of the Association have not publicly confirmed this statement. Las Vegas, if confirmed as the hosts, will become the first city without an NBA franchise to become the All-Star host. David Stern, NBA Commissioner has secretly notified local sources that he will make an official statement next week at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The official statement, as far as sources believe, will be in favor of the 2007 Las Vegas hosting of the games.
If Las Vegas is selected, the board of directors have agreed that $4.5 million should be spent for tickets, fees, and other hosting event expenses. This would only concur if the NBA official chooses Las Vegas at the site of the games. Las Vegas is hopeful, that in such an event, media exposure would be the greatest profit to the city, bringing in tourism for and after the event.
President of the Convention Authority Rossi Ralenkotter, stated that 2004's All-Star Weekend at Staples Center in Los Angeles produced more than millions of tuners in, just through the media coverage. Sports programs, news articles, entertainment programs, and other stories surrounding the events were part of the game events popularity. This included domestic, and international viewers such as this years expected viewers from over 210 countries. That is just the viewers, but Las Vegas could draw in visitors, like previous All-Star events.
All-Star events draw over 25,000 and fill up local hotel rooms, just to personally come view the events. The NBA has agreed to book up to 5,000 room nights for its league executives and VIPs at Strip resorts should Las Vegas' be the picked town. Visitors prove to pack in around $27 million for non- game related expenditures. State gaming regulators have agreed that sports book voting on the issue should be postponed.
Some locals believe an All-Star Weekend might help Las Vegas's plea for their own sports team. Whatever the reasoning, Las Vegas would be happy to take on such a project. Tim Frank of the selection process says process selection is still under way; no Las Vegas press conference has been scheduled. Only Sterns August 5th announcement will unravel further plans.
(By Sammy)