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Boom in Gambling Harms Iowans. 2005-07-28
Iowa-based problem gambling hotline has a dramatic increase in calls last year, due to the fact that Iowa casinos brought in new slot machines and table games. Executive officer of the Iowa Gambling Treatment Program Frank Biagioli said that the Treatment Program hopes that people will avoid overdoing their gambling in casinos. The hotline mostly dealt with calls for gambling addicts.
The hope is to prevent players to reach desperation associated with gambling issues. About 60,000 adults in Iowa are compulsive gambler. Land-based casinos are not the only source, it happens because of online gambling too.
People who suffer from compulsive gambling issues have additionally hurt themselves in emotional ways. Despite this they are willing to go back for that fix, despite social and financial issues. That�s why the hotline is ringing nonstop.
The fact that more people are getting help does not mean that there is an increase in the rate of gambling problems. Wes Ehrecke, president of the Iowa Gaming Association, at least is one of these people that believes that statistic. In previous years, 0.3% of gross revenue from state-regulated casinos was given to gambling treatment programs. More money now has been given to this cause, as Iowa plans to expand their gambling industry with four more casinos.
Poweshiek county attorney Mike Mahaffey believes that casinos and gambling are among the main motivations for scams. He opposes casinos that are spreading in the state. However, he is not shocked that more people are looking for help from this addiction
(By Andrea)