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Britain Opens Student Casino 2006-02-23
Britain has opened its first Casino college. This college meant for university students in Britain, is an online casino and enables players to game for real money. The Approval Board of Gaming had to consider the factor here that there maybe an increase in underage illegal gambling. However, they have agreed that with appropriate screening they can keeps things afloat.
Students have been notorious for really liking mind games like poker and blackjack and thus, these are quite popular in the college online casino. Students from all universities in the UK will be sure to check out this student casino.
Many people have felt that the idea was controversial and that students do not have the resources or time to be gaming, but Britain�s liberal gambling views allowed this to be established.
Although many have stated that sports betting for students is not as extreme, the majority of the residents in Britain, especially school faculty and parents, were not thrilled by this new prospect. One mother is quoted as saying, �Instead of tuition, the kids will use their money on gambling. It is irresponsible to allow such a place to open.�
Lobbyist are said to protest at Parliament and it is interesting to see if any students will not be among them.
(By Jennifer)