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Former Casino Employee Looses Her Case. 2005-07-27
A casino that fired a woman, whose problematic pregnancy caused her to run out of maternity leave time, took her case to court. In court it was decided that it did not violate New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, the state Supreme Court ruled Monday. 4-3 ruled that the woman was treated no different that any other employee with medical conditions.
Former Atlantic City Hilton employee Christina Gerety, according to the court case was treated no differently than other Hilton employees with medical conditions causing them to miss more than six months of work in a year. It was not discriminatory to her pregnancy or being a woman.
Justice Jaynee LaVecchia said that the leave policy was applied as it was supposed to be by the casino and that her getting fired did not constitute as discrimination. That is why the suit was not considered in her favor. Chief Justice Deborah Poritz, who voted on the other side, said the casino's policy while neutral does discriminate against women, in other policies. She went on to say, that limited recovery time for woman isn�t fair, because it takes longer to recover from this, than a man recovers from any ailment.
(By Andrea)