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Shooting at Las Vegas Casino 2006-02-22
Las Vegas got shaken up when a police stand off happened on Tuesday between a gun man and Las Vegas Police Department. The crime scene which was in a Vegas hotel and casino, ended up in the window of the 20th story hotel being removed by force in order for police to get in and arrest the suspect.
The suspect is wanted for the shooting of another man and for shooting at the police when they tried to arrest him from the twentieth floor. The police were coming there to question the man about the related shooting when it turned into a nightmare for Nevada police authorities.
The hotel-casino was quickly cleared out and thankfully, no guests were injured. Although many shots were fired, no policemen were injured as well. As for the wanted man, he was injured by police shots and was taken to a local hospital. The man died later that night; police are still questioning people to see what motives the man had for behaving like this. Either way, it has really shaken up the casino patrons.
(By Jennifer)