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Lottery Loser Blames Gaming Company for Withholding Information 2006-07-03
An Australian man has complained that he has been deprived out of a winning lottery ticket.
Jermal Abdelrehim is blaming the gambling operator that he bought the ticket from, Tattslotto, saying that the company denied information and made no investigations into his belief that his ticket was stolen.
The ticket was for the $16 million Tattslotto draw number 2165 in April 2002.
Mr Abdelrehim states that he bought two system 10 tickets in a shop near to his home in East Melbourne, Australia. He didn't check the ticket and only realised he had purchased the winning ticket after the shop assistant told him at a later date. The assistant said that Tattslotto had notified them that the winning ticket was bought from their store.
Mr Abdelrehim searched for his ticket in his clothing, apartment and at work but the ticket could not be located. He called Tattslotto to report the claim but says nobody returned his calls.
Eventually Mr Abdelrahim contacted the police, who in turn made inquiries with Tattslotto. Tattslotto said that the ticket was a Quick Pick ticket, not a system 10 ticket and therefore could not be traced.
(By Suki)