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Jakarta Crime Rings Handled. 2005-07-25
Last week it was reported in Jakarta, Indonesia about the police�s deficiency to find illegal gambling devices, well now that has changed. Over 3,000 gambling devices were removed by the police from 16 gambling dens last Thursday evening. This comes after two weeks after the police vowed to remove the business in a period of three days. The paraphernalia is being held now at the police headquarters parking garage.
People have accused the police of not being serious with ridding the country of gambling. This is because major casinos have not yet been taken down. The police feel that they have already proved their position by removing the machines from gambling dens.
According to articles 39, 40, and 45 of the criminal law procedures code, it is the right of the police to remove any paraphernalia that is used for criminal handlings. Provincial police chiefs were given a one-week deadline to wipe out gambling in their areas. They were threatened that and if they did not participate, they would face criminal charges, in addition to losing their jobs. This was directed at both officers, and chiefs.
In that time, 500 suspects, including players, managers, and bookies were arrested. People have still complained that the large casinos were not taken down. Police claim the reason behind that is because they only arrest people in the act of gambling. Hard evidence needs to be provided in order to make an arrest, and the police didn�t posses this evidence.
City police Chief Insp. Gen. Firman Gani said that the police will arrest any owner who would open gambling sites. At the moment the machines are the only thing that they have, and that is a first step. Jakarta police are finally doing their jobs, and it is about time.
(By Andrea)