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Gambling Industry May Have a Supreme Court Judge. 2005-07-24
Nominee John Roberts, for the U.S. Supreme Court seems to have a tie to the gaming industry. It seems when he was in private practice, he was arguing in cases for casino advertising. Gambling has always been a touchy issue for Americans, where the law was concerned.
Roberts was part of the 1999 case before the Supreme Court around the subject of casino advertising. The court ruled hands down that the banning of television and radio advertising, even for casinos, violates the First Amendment, or freedom of speech. Banning advertising violates that code of conduct.
While he didn�t appear before the justices, he did prepare a brief called the "counsel of record" for the American Gaming Association, the lobbying body in Washington D.C. In the brief, Roberts stated that the ban could not be� the perceived dangers of commercial casino gaming." This led to the association filing briefs in support of the Greater New Orleans Broadcasting Association. They won their case in June 1999 against the federal government to air ads for casinos in Louisiana and Mississippi. New Orleans Broadcasting Association has 26 television and radio stations.
The Supreme Court has always been a little concerned with the law of gambling, and its advertising, and Roberts has had positions in the past on the issue. Now that he is one of the nominees running for the court seat, this past will be facing him. If appointed, he will have to be part of decisions based on facts, and laws on this subject.
It may be tough, and who is to say if Roberts will hold his position. However, many believe it is nice to have a guy on their side sitting on the bench, lobbying for them. If it will help the industry, who is to say, but Roberts�s entry will certainly be a breath of fresh air.
If any cases should come to the Supreme Court on gambling issues, Roberts could be exempt from votes on this subject, because of his personal ties to the organizations. Not every case, if they would come, would he be exempt, and that worries people. At the moment, his position is worrisome to even get the post.
Sen. Fred Thompson, a Tennessee Republican is also a nominee. His position isn�t clear, but it seems that Roberts is the only nominee that is part of the casino industry support group. If appointed, he would be the first to the seat, as none of the other judges have ever been part of the gambling industry before.
(By Andrea)