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Nevada Racing Allows Other State Betting. 2005-07-24
Nevada gaming regulators are now interested in bringing in a law that would allow their out of state neighbors to bet through Nevada casinos for horse and dog races. The proposed Regulation 26C would allow bettors to set up a credited account in the sports books of Nevada casinos, which can be opened through the telephone from states, where race wagering is permitted.
It is just another classic move, which would put Nevada in popular footing with the other states. 17 other states already allow this, in some form. Some regulations allow wagering in off track races and wagering for simulcasts in casino sports books. This law would allow other states to participate with Nevada races.
The proposal was brought about last week to the board. Board Chairman Dennis Neilander last week mentioned that a decision can be made by August's Control Board meeting. If recommended, it would be passed to the Nevada Gaming Control for further approval. 2002 amendments to the federal Interstate Horse Racing Act of 1978 allowed account wagering nationwide and gave states the chance to bet on their race through the phone. If the bill passes, credit card usage or other forms, just like any live wagering would have minimum requirements, and fully tracked and supported.
The Nevada Pari-Mutuel Association approved the legislation in 2003 for account wagering on horse and dog racing. The new legislation would allow not only telephone betting, but internet betting as well. This would be with the same regulations as other states with wagering amounts, and credit card usages.
So far, Oregon has produced higher horse racing amounts than Nevada and California, in the past, but Nevada is catching up. So far the proposal is in good standing, without any opposition. The Gaming Control Board has at least put the bill in the right direction to get national recognition.
(By Andrea)