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Working for the Competitor; Casino Employees Move Over. 2005-07-24
One dozen Blue Lake Casino employees, who had given advance notice that they would be leaving to work for a competitor were in returned fired on the spot last Tuesday. This notice caused a big disturbance, and Blue Lake felt they had no choice despite but to let them go. It seems the two casinos had a sort of agreement for how things would proceed, despite that the employees were let go.
A Blue Lake Casino manager asked that Bear River Casino Table Games Manager Joe Claus, give at least a one month notice instead of the standard two weeks out of professional courtesy. Bear River Casino opens Aug. 10, slightly less than the month requested. The casino disturbance is the official word for why the employees were fired.
The employees have another story they say that after they were told to make a written declaration of their notice, they were fired the next day. They also said that the casino refuses to give them their pay checks until next period for fleeing early. This seemingly might turn into a lawsuit, if either side facts can be proven.
(By Andrea)