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Southern Nevada May Have Small Casinos. 2005-07-24
A committee has been created to conduct a study how local casinos can better adapt into Southern Nevada communities. Of course this will need another 30 days before an official presentation can be made. The committee was created at the request of Lynette Boggs Mc Donald, the Clark County Commissioner, in January.
The committee is now reviewing the changes they can make to turn areas in Southern Nevada into enjoyable areas for residents, and their families. That would include hotels, shopping centers, movie theaters, etc. The issue has been around since 1997, when Senate Bill 208 laid the groundwork for 13 casinos in the Las Vegas area and five more sites approved for development as neighborhood casinos.
The limit to the bill has not been established. The hope is to make a small casino area for the tourists, and at the same time, enjoyable and quiet for the citizens. At the moment it is just a survey, maybe it could be a reality.
(By Andrea)