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Served on Warrant Toast; Former Lotto Commission Employee. 2005-07-21
A former Texas Lottery Commission employee has been accused of defrauding vendors, who tried to get permits to sell lotto tickets. Taneil Gage, 33, was charged with theft on June 28th. She was served with a warrant on June 28 and faces up to two years in state jail, if found guilty. She is currently out on a $3,500 bond.
The con was aim at vendors who didn't meet minimum credit rankings, which meant that they would have to accept paying a $5,000 bond with the lottery commission to obtain a license. So Gage told retailers they could avoid paying this by contacting a woman who would pay it for them, if they gave 10%, said Mindy McCracken, an assistant district attorney in Travis County.
When applicants called that woman, some said they recognized Gage's voice. Victims included vendors in El Paso, Frisco, Tioga and Houston. Gage allegedly made between $500 and $1,500 through the scam. Others thought it seemed strange, and didn�t follow up. .
It just goes to show, unfortunately, that some people, just to save money will do anything. It is an on going problem, and sadly to say fraud in this fashion is nothing new. It happens more than anyone even figures.
(By Andrea)