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Survey Released with Las Vegas Results 2006-02-21
A telephone survey answering the question that many people have about Las Vegas has finally been released. The survey which was conducted over the months of December and January has addressed the question of why people want to go to Las Vegas and if they are willing to pay big bucks to go there.
. The survey was conducted by the MRC and the thorough research has found that the reasons for why people go to Las Vegas have culturally not changed but financially have. For example, people still want to go to Las Vegas to game, vacation, escape and be entertained. However, where once hotel rooms and airline ticket prices had a big impact on whether one would go to Las Vegas or not, it does not seem to be a factor these days.
The survey showed that almost half of the people visiting Las Vegas did so in order to be entertained and �relaxed�. There was also a significant percentage that stated Las Vegas was great for conventions such as big international business meetings and even for receptions such as birthdays. Bachelor parties are also a notorious favorite for Las Vegas goers and gambling sometimes seems to be a by product of the entertainment Las Vegas has to offer.
The study had many interesting findings but the most important one for Las Vegas� purposes is that people are still interested to come to Las Vegas and they are still willing to pay big bucks to get there and stay there. This is the information investors were looking for.
(By Jennifer)