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Police Announcement Hurt the Arrest of Gambling Sharks. 2005-07-21
The National Police vice officers have been forced to concede because of their efforts in fighting against gambling, in Indonesia. The small threats have been arrested, but the bigger ones are still out there. National Police Spokesman Insp. Gen. Aryanto Boedihardjo said on Tuesday that most of the big gambling casinos went on break, when the police announced their plans to shut down gambling rings.
Police article, 303 of the Criminal Code requires players, evidence, and the bet available in order to arrest the gambling operators. Aryanto said local authorities, and their administrations are now targeting private homes, and public buildings, as they might be the hiding places of these big sharks.
Aryanto has said that there has not been any actual evidence of military or police involvement in the gambling business, despite the rumor. Now they are doing what they can to arrest the big players. The announcement may not have been a warning, but it in fact has hurt the Indonesian police, at the moment.
(By Andrea)