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Slot Games Raise the Revenue. 2005-07-19
State lottery revenue has increased 20%, over the past two months, in bars, and taverns. Part of the reason for this is because of the addition of the slot games to video gambling machines in these places. The lottery planned to increase its income to 17%, beginning July 1st, at 20% it is even better, and early too.
Lottery Director, Dale Penn is pleased with the 82% of the 2,000 places where video poker is played. So pleased that these might be added along with slots to the places of play. State Lottery Commission, Ted Kulongoski's requested, back in March, to add slot games to these night spots. Now it is known that the slots are the main reason for the over 80% increase.
The increase is a good start, and things are expected to only get better. At this rate, slots are planned to take over. Taverns and bars tend to like this trend, and are willing to keep slots going in their places of business.
(By Andrea)