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Trial for Romanian Crime Ring to Take Place. 2005-07-18
Two men with supposed connections to Romanian crime rings pleaded guilty Thursday to separate charges. Some of those charges include: stolen credit cards and false documents used to steal $1million from casinos and ATMs. The first guy, Cosmin Radu Hristian pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to one count of conspiracy to use the stolen credit cards. The second man, Constantin Bor pleaded guilty to a federal RICO racketeering charge.
Attorney for Bor, Ozzie Fumo, believes his client was a small player in the scam; Bor was the collector of the credit cards. He was arrested in Chicago in January and relinquished to LV authorities. The men were part of a 21 suspects tried in May.
The group is being tried for sending out "runners" throughout the United States to steal credit cards, and then bringing them to Las Vegas. The group then supposedly got a fake drivers license, and then went to LV where they used the credit cards. The scam was not just these two men.
The U.S. attorney's office believes that the people may have gotten away with over $1 million before they were caught. At least 10 of the accused have not been identified, and put in custody, a spokesperson said. Seven suspects have already pleaded guilty in federal court set to start in August.
(By Andrea)