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Gambling a US Political Issue 2006-02-20
Political parties have tried to take a stance on gambling policies as part of their political campaign in the US. A new bill that has been introduced this week, has already met 100 lawmakers around the US for assessment.
The bill, which addresses the legal status of online gaming is said to remain in the illegal status it is in today. Although political representatives have discussed other opinions for the bill in order to suit their campaigns, the answer seems to be �no� as of right now.
The bill still has to pass over many states before it makes its way to the supreme court and then it will be finalized an concluded.
Americans want to keep online gaming off its shores in an attempt to prevent money laundering, tax evasion and being a bad influence for children.
The bill is in its second attempt as it failed to be passed in the year 2000. The US seems to be unchangeable in its policy and keeps online gaming in illegal status continuously.
Some political leaders who have thought they would get a vote for online gaming have shown that they are unable to pass this bill and despite their efforts, the federal courts need to decide and most likely the bill will be passed with a �no�.
Online casino are situated outside of US shores but there are still many US citizens gaming illegally in these places. That is another law and policy that the US is trying to enforce stronger.
(By Jennifer)